Welcome To Chams Designs


         Chams Designs, Bangalore was founded with a vision to leave a lasting legacy in the digital world. It is led by a tenacious group of professionals with an intense drive and passion to find innovative ways of accomplishing even the most common tasks.
Our expertise encompasses a wide digital area within the web. The team comprises of highly charged and experienced Designers, Developers, Project Coordinators, Technical Analysts, Content Writers, Social Media and internet marketing Executives and Strategists, SEO executives, Mobile Programmers, and Quality Analysts.

        We, at Chams designs do not believe in restricting ourselves to any particular field. Our expertise spreads out to industries like the IT, Hospitality, E-commerce, Entertainment, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Telecom, Pet care, Marketing, Accessories, Fisheries, Consultants, Electronics, etc.

        Our services include helping clients build their own websites on the platform of their choice. Today’s customers access websites from a combination of connected devices including smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices. Hence it becomes mandatory that a design is easy to view and is responsive across all devices and platforms irrespective of the screen orientation and device size. Our designs are based on the nature of the product, brand name and the client’s requirements.

How we Work
    Chams Designs, Bangalore is an organisation which believes in team building and we qualify our team members with the latest technology evolutions through periodic training and workshops. We insist on the team having expertise across platforms to make sure we are equipped to handle any kind of projects with ease.
Our team members consist of highly energetic, passionate, professionals who are committed to providing the best solutions to the client’s technical requirements. We provide various enterprise-level solutions suited to your organization’s needs.
Websites are frequently updated in the form of content or visual elements. A good website doesn’t lose its position even if it undergoes frequent changes.

A. Project to start
    At Chams Designs, we work in tandem with the customer requirements and focus on a few essential factors before the commencement of a project.
• We address the client requirements by gathering and analysing information, about the purpose of the company and the website, their goals and their target audience.
• We do a thorough study of the competitors.
• Once the objectives have been established we prepare a chart with milestones for each stage.
• Part of the planning phase includes identifying the necessary skillsets.

B.Wire frame
    Wireframes are the digitised conceptual form of sketches which give visual structure to the functional requirements and developments.
Creating wireframes helps in guiding us through the developmental milestones. As we give the highest priority to client satisfaction we create optional mock-up designs for the approval of the client.

C.PSD design
    PSD is a Photoshop design document or file. Photoshop is the most widely used software for web designs and is the best for the design-to-code processing.
PSD to HTML conversions is a workflow. A web page is first designed as a Photoshop Document (PSD) and it is then converted to code (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Other image editing softwares like Pixelmator, GIMP, etc can be used instead of Photoshop, but the principle remains the same.
Photoshop is chiefly used for logos, banners, etc which can be directly exported to web pages. Web layouts using Photoshop is created to be used as a replica of the real site.
After the mock is ready, the design has to be implemented by hand-coding using CSS, HTML, etc.

D. Html conversion
    An HTML converter is software developed for converting documents (mostly text or PDF) into HTML code and yet preserving their original formatting, for easy uploading to the internet.
HTML is the standard writing or coding language for Web pages.

E. Development
    The design is the outward appearance of the website or app. It is the development that makes it functional. The finally approved Photoshop design is blended with HTML and CSS by coding in a most structured way.
We at Chams Designs believe in stringent quality control through a continuous testing process. We brief our Quality Control team in the Analysis and Design stages itself as the familiarity with the project’s requirements and objectives will help produce accurate test cases.
There are various modes of testing like
-> User Experience Testing
-> Functional Testing
-> Performance Testing
-> Security Testing
-> Device and Platform Testing
-> Testing is crucial to a product’s future success and having an all inclusive testing strategy is fundamental for delivering a quality product.

F. Approval
  We value the opinion of our customers and incorporate changes suggested by them throughout the process. Our experienced SEO, team takes all necessary measures to position your website right at the top in the browser.